Setting up for a WordPress install on your local Linux host

A good friend of mine has been dying to get a good Linux test environment going for WordPress. He recently installed Ubuntu on one of his servers and well… let’s just that say that he’s truly a Windows guy.

This prompted me to want to write a tutorial (since I already wrote him an email explaining it all) and share this quick and easy setup guide.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will use zeus as the Linux username 😉 OK, ready? Set, GO!

Using whatever tool you so desire (we used phpmyadmin) set up a new MySQL database and make sure you have the DBName as well as the user and pass available for your actual install. (*NOTE* The install will not be covered in this tutorial, but may be covered in a later article.)

From the terminal (I used putty) give a few cd .. to make sure you are in the top level directory.

cd /home/zeus/
 ## change dir
mkdir downloads

## create a new downloads folder

cd downloads

## move into new downloads directory

 ## download (wget) from the web the latest WP install
cd ../../..
tar -zxvf /home/zeus/downloads/latest.tar.gz -C /var/www/
 ## go back to top level and
## extract the file from the downloads folder into the www folder (or appropriate sub directory)
 ## NEVER work as root, NEVER log straight in as root.
cd /var/www/wordpress/
 ## we are now in the freshly unpacked directory
nano -w wp-config-example.php
 ## open the file for editing, make required changes:
 ## Ctrl+X to save, rename to wp-config.php and confirm file over-write
WordPress is now ready to officially install. Use a browser and go to http://yourhost/wordpress to initiate your install.
You can also always google for BASH command. EX:
 I recommend using putty to connect locally if you don’t have kvm. it’s a really simple and easy program.
Have fun!!