Gaming Samurai

Zeus Studios


I wrote my first lines of code in the early 80's as a young whip with quick wit and a desire to learn. I would sometimes do moderately impish things such as program the keyboard on my parent's computer to display characters that were something akin to kilngon, but I would never hesitate to call the prank off at a moment's notice. I just really liked computers.

And I still do. I have since studied art and technology so that I could blend the two at will.

Beginning in 1998 I became a freelance mulitmedia designer and developer. I've created somewhere between 20 and 30 websites over the years, most of which have since gone by the wayside (as is the nature of the internet) for individuals, bands, small to medium businesses and more. I have also created videos, interactive stand-alone CD-ROMS, web apps and a variety of other projects.

In the past six years I have been focused much more on Web Development, both front and back end. I have found a real love to writing code and developing for the Web. I also taught myself to write Android apps in just three days time. You can download the beta apps and source code from the Android section on this site. I also like building my own LAMP stacks to do dev work at home. I currently run my own home network consisting of my Windows 7 desktop, my wife's Windows Vista desktop, a Windows 7 build that I use as a media server and one LAMP machine running Ubuntu Lucid (10.04) with a core install and LXDE. I plan on setting up a second Ubuntu core install very soon.

In my spare time I enjoy PC and XBox Games, playing my acoustic guitar, movies, books, writing, cycling, discussing new and emerging technologies and just about anything related to Sci-Fi. As of late (especially being amidst a typical set of grey Seattle winter months) I have been spending a fair amount of my free time playing Star Wars: The Old Republic which is an incredible MMORPG release from BioWare and Lucas Arts.