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Intro: I've been teaching myself Android Application Development and I really enjoy it. In fact, I immediately was looking for a chance to share my experiences and what I've learned from it. This will be a publicly available directory of all the Android Applications in development here at the "studios." You can download any android application being developed and it's source code from the links below. All applications will be filed by beta or final release. Final release will be available on the Android Market and, if free, will be available here as well complete with the source. Any Android Applications on the market for a fee will not be provided here. Source code for these applications may or not be available at a later date in exchange for a small donation (most likely equivalent to the list price of the application.)

*Please note that these programs are all works in progress, I can accept no liability for their usage. That said, feel free to download and test them out. I'm always open to feedback and criticism and the source code is freely available for your review.

(Right Click any link below and choose "Save As")

GAStats Beta: A stats reporting application for characters in the game Global Agenda bi HiRez Studios.
Global Agenda Stats Beta by Zeus
Watch the Blog for a full source code explanation coming soon! In the meantime:
GAStats Source Code

  • This is my most complete version of an Android App and one that I would like to publish soon.
  • Needs better, more graceful, handling of errors. Specfically for inactive characters where there are no results returned from the REST call.
  • Future additions of Clan and other stats in the works to match the full-featured robust web version of the application.
  • Back-end (a REST client hosted at needs checked for current REST standards compliance.
  • Need to finish writing code comments.

Other projects in the works:

AdLib Mania!: Fill in the words and the story writes itself. Much hilarity guaranteed.
AdLib Mania Demo APK
AdLib Mania Source Code

  • This might actually be published sooner than GAStats, but it's too early to tell.
  • Needs more commenting.
  • Stories not all completely functional. Need to work out a few kinks.
  • Needs one or two more short stories.

TresR Beta: A GPS application for tracking your route at a website in real time.
TresR Beta APK
TresR Beta Source Code

  • This is my first GPS related app, very sparse but developed with a more broad idea in mind. Was created for a pending project with an associate, but this might become something of my own making eventually.
  • Needs more functionality including the ability to save and retrieve map markers.
  • Needs much more testing.