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Welcome to the Zeus Studios HQ

Thanks for dropping in. I'm Zeus, multimedia designer, developer and programmer. I created this site to share all things digital. Web and Application Development, Programming, Multimedia and Graphic Design: These are the things I love, these are my passions. is my work, and I'm a huge fan of HTML, CSS, JavaScript / AJAX, PHP, SQL, JAVA and a wide variety of Adobe products incluing DreamWeaver, Photoshop and Illustrator. I'm very fluent in HTML and CSS and have done plenty of work using JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, Java and other languages. Adobe CS3 provides me with Dreamweaver for web editing and some programming, Photoshop and Illustrator for graphic and web design, Premier for video editing, sound booth for audio editing, and Flash for interactive and animated design. For developing Java and (more specifically) Android applications I use Eclipse Helios with the Android plugin.

My BLOG has tutorials for code and design. The Android Apps section contains apk's (the installable program package) as well as zip files of source code for my various Android projects. I've also started a second tech blog at! Be sure to check it out.


8/15/2013 - I haven't updated in way too long.
I've been working on a video. wip
Learning C# and setting up Continous Integration. Agile & Scrum and all that.

2/15/2012 - I recently built myself a LAMP stack once again and will soon be moving most of this content to a new URL. Be sure to check back soon for more details. In addition I decided that I should learn more about MVC using CakePHP and possible Spring. When the time is right I will be releasing my projects to public view at a new website as mentioned regarding the new URL.

1/10/2012 - Two new work-in-progress examples of what I'm teaching myself in JavaScript lately: Closures and Prototype

12/20/2011 - I've recently begun providing some graphic design to Kwasi Africa Entertainment in Seattle, WA.
Here is a promotional flier I created: Lucy_Sundays_flat_72dpi.png

For now, here's a list of sites I have worked on:

(Not all website clients are current)

2012 - Alice's Cheap Tree Service (also )

2011 - Ehtiopian Times (A Wordpress Website, work in progress) -

2011 -
2011 - Gaming Samurai Group
2011 - Zeus Studios
2010 - Edmonds Community College (various, internal only website projects)
2010 -
2009 - Fatal Dynasty Gaming Clan (website deceased)
2006 - (website deceased)
2006 - ANS of WA -
2005 - and (both websites deceased)
2004 - (website deceased)
2004 - Cloud Catcher Bay Gourmet (website deceased)
2002 - (website deceased)
2001 - Cyberlink Technologies
2001 - (website deceased)
2000 - Miami Dade Young Democrats (website deceased)
1998 - (website deceased)